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What do our customers say about us?

Thank You again for providing Salem Luthern Church with such beautiful poinsettias! It is always a pleasure working with you! See you next year.

"Those Holland Tulips are AMAZING! I put them in the vase and they kept growing!!! I had to cut off 3 inches and tie them up with a ribbon after a week. I did not know such things were possible. Thank You!"

-Alan B

The flowers were so wonderful, they lasted for ever. I tried hitting it with a flyswatter and it still wouldn't die.
Jim Moss, DeKalb

Wow- A bouquet came to me at the office (from a friend at Kishwaukee Hospitol) and the WHOLE office went WOW!!! We've enjoyed it a week now and it is still beautiful. Thanks for the bright spot in a week that really needed one - your talents are very much appreciated.
Diane Hammon - REA Realtors, Sycamore

Thank you so much for providing my family with such beautiful arrangements for "Aunt Char's" funeral. They were all fabulous! I greatly appreciate you all in giving us, no doubt, your best! All of the arrangements were stellar and noticed by many! Thanks again.
Sherrie Bourdages, DeKalb

I ordered a special birthday arrangement last Saturday. I made some specific requests regarding the flowers and, as always, you followed my instructions exactly. I've heard from the recipient and he is absolutely delighted. Therefore, so am I!! Thank you all very much.

I have been using Glidden Campus Florist for local flowers for over 50 years! I remember growing up in DeKalb and going to your shop on Lincoln Highway to get single blooms for my mother. I moved away from the DeKalb area almost 45 years ago. It was your store I telephoned from anywhere in the world when I wanted flowers for family and friends. I always knew with just a few words of suggestion on my part and the phrase "please, just take care of it" the finest and best would arrive.

I am now back in the northern Illinois area and you continue to prove my confidence. What a great feeling to know all it takes is a telephone call and Glidden's will "just take care of it".

Again, my sincere thanks to all of you.
Richard Martinson, Rockton

I love to visit Glidden's, the beauty of the flowers and plants, and the smell of the shop make me happy.
Terri Mann-Lamb, Tampa, FL

When I call Glidden's, ordering is easy and the staff is super friendly. They guarantee the value and freshness. I always love the results.
Sean Richards, DeKalb

Dear The Glidden Campus Florist, I just wanted to pass this along. I thought that I was too late to order this morning, but you all did a wonderful job at delivering a brighter day arrangement to my Mom. She is an avid gardener, so I'm always timid about sending her flowers or plants for fear she'll find something wrong with them. The ones you sent were beautiful. Thank You!
Coleen Haddock, DeKalb

Dear The Glidden Campus Florist, Salem Lutheran Church Altar Guild would like to thank you for the wonderful service we have received in the delivery of altar flowers each week. The flowers are always a beautiful and creative arrangement. Thanks again.
Salem Lutheran Church Altar Guild, Sycamore

It all started 12 years ago. I had been regularly shopping at another florist near to my home. I called them on my 50th birthday to request delivery of 50 yellow roses and one white rose to my wife's office with a card saying, "I couldn't have made it without you." When that florist refused my order because is was for the same day, I called Glidden's. They assured me it was no problem and complimented me on my idea. Since then The Glidden Campus Florist handled 100's of my orders, even remembering my needs from year to year. They have sent 35 arranged red roses to my wife on our 35th anniversary; 36 for 36; right on to last year's 41 for 41! (It's shockingly impressive to confront 41 red roses in one container, and it is one HEAVY delivery! They even order a special rose form that is especially fragrant.) Anyways, I heartily recommend The Glidden Campus Florist to anyone who expects value, quality, reliability and creativity.
Art Doederlein (NIU)

Dear Glidden's, How many times did I say to you... "No one will even notice the flowers." HOW WRONG I WAS!!! Our wedding guests did notice. We have received so many compliments on how different, unique and lovely Elizabeth's wedding flowers were. Naturally, they ask who did than and we are pleased to be able to recommend Glidden's. Thank you for putting your talent to work and making the flowers everything that Elizabeth dreamed they would be. Thank you also for the personal attention you gave to us on her wedding day. There are so many details to attend to that day. It was reassuring to know we did not have to spend one moment worrying about flowers. Your flowers and attention to us certainly stood out as exceptional.
Karen Grush, DeKalb

The Glidden Campus Florist has been my florist for over 30 years. I send flowers to friends, to funerals and to my children. My daughter chose Glidden's for her wedding flowers. Since we are having an at home wedding and a garden reception for a small group of people, alstromeria was not only suitable but inexpensive. Glidden's is very flexible and always helps the customer find something they really want and at a price that is comfortable for them. They are also very creative as anyone can see at the annual Altrusa/Glidden Floral Show in the spring. They bring glorious floral creations using myriad blooms for every occasion. Right now I am planning flowers with them for a 50th wedding anniversary and they have assured me that they will be appropriate and lovely and I know they will be.
Rosemarie A. Ostberg, DeKalb